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Yorkshire pudding – The most favorite flavor in England.

Yorkshire pudding origin is from Yorkshire, England. This cake became a famous dish in traditional cuisine of this country. Not only English people love this cake but also everybody in the world loves it.
churchill’s roast beef and yorkshire pudding
Yorkshire pudding is from Yorkshire countryside. However, the flavor of this cake conquered most English people and become “the most favorite cake’s flavor of England”
Yorkshire Puddings
Yorkshire pudding is made from flour and has round bowl shape.
Yorkshire Pudding-2
It is not difficult to make a Yorkshire pudding. The basic ingredients consist of eggs, flour that is processed by traditional method of people in Yorkshire. Sauces and grilled meat are also served with this cake. English people usually eat this cake in the Sunday afternoon – The British Sunday pudding.
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire pudding’s flavor is the most favorite flavor in England.
Giant Yorkshire Pudding
Usually, English people eat this cake with grilled meat, Horseradish sauce or mustard, grilled potato, boiled broccoli, carrot with honey. This combination is called Sunday Roast.
Traditional Sunday Roast appears in almost menu of restaurants in England, from Wales to North Ireland.
Giant Yorkshire Pudding
Sometimes, people make Yorkshire pudding bigger to turn them into the food bowl.

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