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Weird Museums in England

The mediocre things like left wrappers, pencils, old televisions and gramophones, or even the daily food, etc., which are considered as useless, are the concepts for the most weird museums in England. Nevertheless, these museums attract thousands of visitors a year.
Spending time on discovering these weird museum is a interesting experience for those liking collecting things.
There are about 20 milions collectors, many of them collect weird objects. They, sometimes, open their own museum to introduce their collections. They are said to be crazy and wacky, but coming to visit these museums, we realise that their ideas are not crezy at all.

1The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

Maybe, the most impressing, professional and monumental museum is the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.
Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising
The museum’s name express itself. There are everything here, from food brands, posters to toys and fashion items, etc.
Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising 品牌、包裝、廣告博物館
Robert Opie is the museum’s founder. He first had his idea when he was 16, in 1963, and 40 years after, he had 500,000 packaging items. The Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising attracts 30,000 visitors a year.
Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising 品牌、包裝、廣告博物館
Thanks to this museum, visitors can explore the history of consumption through brands used to popular, way to package things, creative advertisments and human life’s development.
2 Baked Beans Museum

The most funny museum is the Baked Beans Museum.
Baked Bean Museum of Excellence
Many people think this museum is just a joke or it just exists on the Internet. But, it’s a real museum. The museum is on the highest floor of a building, displaying 500 objects which show the history of baked bean.
tinned greasy spoon
The museum owner is Mr. Captain Beany.
3 The Pencil Museum

The more weird one is the Pencil Museum. Is there really a museum of mall thins like pencils?
The idea comes from Cumberland Pencil Company. There are all kinds of pencils, from the old pencils to modern ones, displayed in this museum.
In the pencil museum
There are also many activities for children, such as painting, shoping area, etc. The museum attracts 100,000 visitors every year.
4 The Lawnmower Museum

However, the museum making visitors surprise the most is the Lawnmower Museum.
Lawnmower Museum
There are up to 5 rooms above a Lawnmower shop. The museum shows all both the old and modern lawnmowers, including a robot lawnmower and the lawnmower that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were given at their wedding.
British Lawnmower Museum
The founder of the museum is Mr. Brian Radam.
5The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum

The other one is the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
The museum has 13 rooms displaying different kinds of radio, television, etc., and seperately displayed electric equipments.
All retrace the history of radio engineering.
6 Museum on the Mound

Besides, the Museum on the Mound in Scoland opened since 2006, displays currencies in England and stories related to currency like art, design, technology, crime, trade, security.
The Mound - Edinburgh (Scotland UK)
7 The Clan Amstrong Trust Centre

The Clan Amstrong Trust
The Clan Amstrong Trust Centre is a place dispalying all documentations, objects about the famous athlete Clan Amstrong.

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