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Visiting hotel with Harry Potter – themed room in London

Georgian House was built in 1851 with Victoria style. It is an attractive destination for Harry Potter fans.
0505-01 London Georgian House Hotel

With period four-poster beds, stone wash basins, antique potion bottles and vintage cauldrons in its rooms, London hotel The Georgian House’s Wizard Chambers have everything that a die-hard Harry Potter wants.
London Hotel Unveils Hogwarts-Themed Rooms Designed to Look Like Harry Potter’s Living Quarters
This 163 years old hotel has many Hogwarts – themed bedrooms. Even the windowframes are designed with arc shape, bronze – coloured curtains and there are some ancient bookselves on the walls – which remind visiters of Hogwarts School.
Hogwart Hall
0505-02 London Georgian House Hotel
This hotel belongs to an English family that maintains business over generations.
‘The rooms are initially inspired by the Harry Potter films; the draped four-poster beds, and the battered trunks for instance’, said Serena von der Heyde, ‘but we really wanted to create a magical experience, so there are lots of original and creative touches, like a wand painted into the hand of a portrait of the Mona Lisa for example’.

Prices start at £249 a night in the smaller Wizard Chambers and the larger room costes £363 a night.
The hotel also offers guests a Harry Potter Tour Package including a Muggle walking tour from central London landmarks to the Harry Potter filming area and the Warner Bros Studio.
The Making of Harry Potter. Warner Bros Studio Tour. London.

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