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Travelling in England

There are many kinds of transportation in England that help you to visit anywhere. You can travel by the red buses – London’s principal icons or even by bicycles. It is amazing to travel by your own way with suitable transportation.

1Traveling by train in England

South West Trains Class 444 at Raynes Park

Traveling by train is a fascinating experience. You can go almost everywhere in England and it depends on the kind of tickets that you buy. One way ticket is the most popular way to travel in England, however you can buy round trip ticket.
60087 London Euston

There is one tip for you, it is cheaper to book the ticket in advance in train station or through online website The Trainline.

2Traveling by bus

London Buses on Whitehall

The next most convenient transportation is bus. The ticket’s price depends on how far you go, however, the ticket is quite cheap. You have to buy it when you get on the bus. In addition, you can buy week or month ticket to save money.
Arriva London Wright Gemini 2 bodied VDL DB300 (DW222 - LJ59 AEO) 38

Don’t be worry that you won’t catch a bus in time because there will be a bus just after 10 minutes.

3Traveling by the other transportation in England


It is easy to catch a taxi in England. However, you have to pay more money with a same route if you go by taxi. You can only catch the taxis of Hackey Carriages on the streets, and you have to book in advance to go with the other ones.
London's calling , London July 2013

If you are 18 years old and have an official driver license you can drive by yourselves. Gas price in England is very high, and if you are under 25 years old, insurance fee is also high. Nevertheless, it is cheaper and more flexible than traveling by trains and buses. For more information, please access the website of DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)

4Walking in England

On the Street

Walking is always the best choice for those who want to discover mysterious England. Nowadays, in many towns and cities, famous visit sites are close to each other. Therefore, walking is the best way for tourists to stop wherever they want.

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