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Traveling London with cheap price

London – a city with a great history
London has never made any tourist be disappointed. However, it is quite expensive city. Therefore, you should have a suitable and clear plan to visit London. Here are the hints that could help you enjoy your trip in London with appropriate budget.

1The free “tickets”

There are many free visit sites in London. British museum on Great Russell street is an example. Many items all over the world are displayed in the museum such as Elgin Marbles, Egypt mummy and Rosetta stone.
IMG507 Sir John Soane's House & Museum
Besides, you can also visit Sir John Soane which has thousand of antiques architectural drawings and art pictures.
The Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons, London
If you want to see the different things, Hunterian is a suitable choice – where an awful collection of fossil is exhibited.
Trafalgar Square by night
The people who have the passion for art can come to Tate Britain and Tate Modern gallery. Besides, you should not miss the National gallery rooms in Trafalgar square.
Regents Park
You should also spend time enjoying wonderful London in a sunny day. You can walk slowly around brilliant markets such as Portobello, Spitalfields or Greenwich. In addition, a picnic in one of these cities is a good idea – Holland Park, Regents Park or Hyde Park…They are the most green park in England. One interesting thing is the instructor panels that give information about free concerts and theaters. It is a pity that you don’t visit South Bank and Royal Festival Hall.
2Eating in London

Eating in the big cities costs a lot of money and London is not exception. However, you can find many good restaurants that serve delicious food with suitable price. Therefore, Beigel Bake cake on Brick Lane is the wonderful choice. The bread in this bakery is served 24/24. You can buy a bread of smoke salmon with 2 pounds.
Beigel Bake Brick Lane
There is one more fascinating place is Italiano Coffee Company on Goodge Street in center of Soho. With 4 pounds, you will have an 11inch pizza.
Italiano Coffee Company, Goodge Street, London W1
It is quite noisy in this area, but it not important. You will have a place to eat and watch the interesting on the street.
3London night

London is famous for art performance, but the ticket price is not cheap. Of course, there are many ways to enjoy London night with comfortable price. You can find the tickets that are supported by annual Travelex program. There are 95 000 tickets that are just 12 pounds.
The Priory
In Monday night, you can buy 10 pounds ticket at Royal Court Theater. You can book the tickets online at 9AM for the night show.
You can also attend Jack the Ripper Walking with less than 10 pounds. You can come to Prince Charles Theater on Leicester highway to enjoy a film with 8 pounds for normal guests and 4 pounds for members.
In addition, there are many bars in London having cheap drinking:
– Slim Jim’s Liquor Store on Upper Street, near Angel Tube is the first place. Slim Jim’s will bring about the feeling of modern life to you by the exciting American rock or rock’n roll.
Slim Jim's Liquor Store, Islington, N1
– The best time to come to Slim Jim’s is from 5PM to 7PM every day except Saturday. If you are a young girl and dare to take off your bra, you will be served a free drinking.
Drunken Monkey, Shoreditch, E1
Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch district also has golden time from 5Pm to 7PM in the weekend (except Saturday is from 12PM to 22PM). Just with 5 pounds, you will have a glass of cocktail and light food.

London has many luxurious and high class hotels that are too expensive for normal tourists.
Bishopsgate/Liverpool Street. London July 2013
However, you can stay in guest house to save money and London has also the apartments for rent in a short time. They are convenient and cheap.

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