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Top 5 attractive destinations in Manchester

Manchester is a famous industrial city in northeast England. Manchester has the population of 2 million people. In addition, this city is also an art, media, education and trade center of England. Manchester is famous for museums and sports, that tourists can visit freely and watch matches of Manchester United club. There are many place to visit in Manchester, so in this article I will show the most popular and famous places to visit.
This Is Manchester

1Manchester science and industry museum

Museum of Science and Industry on Bike the Drive Day

This museum is the fascinating place to discover about industrial development history of Manchester from he beginning. The early technical and scientific achievements are also displayed here. If you are lucky, you will discover many interesting things in big exhibition. There is also a coffee shop in this area.

2Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral HDR

This cathedral was built in IX century, and it is oldest building in Manchester. In addition, it is also the biggest cathedral in England. Coming to this place, tourists will have chance to discover the history of cathedral and Manchester in medieval age through projectors. Besides, restaurants, service areas are allowed to put near Cathedral that help tourists in eating, and relaxing.


Located near Cathedral, Urbis building is an outstanding with unique architecture and colorful glass panes. This is an interesting place to visit in Manchester city. Many people come to contemplate the 3 sides architecture of this building.
4Historic park Castlefield

Bridgewater Canal Castlefield Manchester

This was a industrial center long time ago. Located in the south of city, Castlefield have restaurants, bars and coffee shops system. This area was built according to a Roman fort. This is the evidence of developed industrial age. There are many complicated canal systems, viaducts, metal bridges and stores. This is also a best place to escape from the city noise.

5Old Trafford Stadium

Old Trafford Mobile Phone Interior Rectilinear Panorama

It is a pity if you miss Old Trafford in this list. There are many competitions that are held every year in this stadium. With the expenditure of 60 000 pound, the stadium was finished in 1910 and replaced Bank Street in Claytion. The stadium was designed by Archibald Leitch. The original design has 1 stand with lean – to, 3 out door stands. The total capacity is 75 000 people

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