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The Strange Competitions in England

England is not only famous for the wonderful visit sites but also for the weird competitions that attract many tourists all over the world.

1Throwing Eggs Competition in Swaton, Lincolnshire, the East Midlands

This competition is held in June with many weird activities. There are many games in this competition such as throw and catch eggs, throw eggs into available target and throw eggs by catapult. Especially, there is a game called Russian Roulette.
There are 6 eggs, 5 of them are boiled eggs and 1 raw egg. Participants have to choose eggs and strike eggs on forehead. The one who mistakes the raw egg first will be the looser. The eggs that are used in competition are addled eggs, so it is awful if you choose wrong one.
2Catching Crab Competition in Suffolk, East of England

by Rosedale Yannayon
This competition is held annually at a coastal village in Suffolk, east sea of England. There were 1 252 candidates in last August.
Sand Crab
In 90 minutes, who can catch the biggest crab with one fishing rod and bait will be the winner.
3Rolling cheese competition Stilton in Cambridgeshire

Cheese-rolling competition
Taken place annually in the International Labour Day at village Stilton in Cambridgeshire, 100km from London. This competition attracts many foreign contestants from USA, France, Belgium, and many tourists all over the world.
Anthropology of Sport Photo Contest: Body Category Finalist
The rolling cheese is not real. That cheese is made from wood which has cylinder shape.
Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire
The prizes of this contest are a tray of beer and a chunk of Stiltion cheese which is 7kg.
4World’s biggest Liar Competition at Wasdale valley, Lake district Northwest of England

This competition is held in Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge which attracts many tourists all over the world. The aim of competition is to honor Will Ritson who wined the title the biggest liar 100 years ago.
457/730: Bad Flibble made an April fools joke
If you believe that you are good at boasting, it is a good chance to challenge yourself.
5World Eating Nettle Competition in Dorset, Southwest of England

World Nettle Eating Challenge-UK
The world nettle eating contest is held annually at Marshwood, Dorset in England. Coming there, you will see the bravery of contestants because nettle is a wild plant with leaves that have pointed edges, are covered in fine hairs and sting if you touch them.
Many participators finish the game with swell and read face, especially mouth.
The last winner of this game ate 14,6m of nettle.
6The World Coal Carrying Championships at Gawthorpe, West Yorks in Yorkshire, north of England

Gawthorpe World Coal-Carrying Championships
This is a muscle strength and endurance. The event consists of men’s, women’s and children’s races that take place on Easter Monday. Men carry a 50kg bag of coal and women a 20kg bag. Beginning at the Royal Oak Pub, the adult races stretch 1012 metres to the finish at the famous Maypole Green in Gawthorpe village. Children’s Fun Run races have a shorter distance of 150 metres with a lighter load to carry.
Gawthorpe World Coal-Carrying Championships
The adult races start from the Royal Oak Pub, Owl Lane in Ossett.

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