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The most attractive shopping areas in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world because there are many big shopping malls here, that sale many things from cheap to expensive. In London, if you see a shop is selling off, you should not hesitate about buying a suitable item because selling off does not happen in a certain time. Besides, you don’t need to bargain for the items in the shops because the item will not discount as you are expected. However, in flea market you can bargain over the items. It is also obvious that the price of one item is different in many shops because it denpends on the areas.

1The Oxford Street

Located in the west of London city, the Oxford Street is the best place for fashionistas. There are more than 100.000 fashion shops which sale many famous brand items. Many fashion events are taken place in this area. Fashion performs, fashion conferences or shopping night are taken place that tourists can attend freely. Especially, the famous stars could appear and you can take a picture with them. The shops are opens from 10AM 6 or 7PM. Some shops open on Sunday from 12AM to 6PM and Tuesday night.
Oxford Street - evening

Address: Portobello Road, London W10.
You are an antiquarian or just want a special item on your journey? Let visit Portobello, you can find many fascinating objects and some of them may be 300 years old. However, if you want to visit this special market, you have to come on Saturday from 9AM to 7PM. In Portobello market, there are about 1.500 shop – assistants. It is not a small number, therefore, you can easily choose for yourself a satisfied item. You can also bargain to buy the items with suitable price in Portobello.

Address: Westminster, London SW7
Knightsbridge, London
This shopping area is very special because of a different point that you might concern. Coming to this special market, you can exchange your clothes through a website. And after reaching an agreement, you can come to this market to exchange the items together. Knightsbridge opens from 9AM to 7PM everyday. The items in market such as clothes have a suitable price and cheaper than the other shops.
4Burlington Arcade

Address: Mayfair London W1
Burlington Plaza HDR
Burlington Arcade is the most beautiful, peaceful, and comfortable shopping destination. The Burlington Arcade is a covered shopping arcade in London that runs behind Bond Street from Piccadilly through to Burlington Gardens. It is one of the precursors of the mid-19th-century European shopping gallery and the modern shopping centre. There are just 40 shops here, however, the items are high class, unique or handmade. You will be impressed with the Rolex collection with 500 Rolex which are produced from 1915 to 1970. The cheapest watch in this shop is 1.850 pounds.
5Regent Street

Piccadilly looking up Regent Street
Regent Street is one of the major shopping streets in the West End of London. Regent Street offers a good range of mid-priced fashion stores alongside some of the city’s oldest and most famous shops, including Hamleys, Liberty and The Apple Store. This shopping street has many thing such as clothes, shoes, comestic, champagne and even the modern electronic devices. Aquascutum and Lacoste also appear on Regent Street. On 20/11/2004, Apple opens the first retail shop in Europe on this street.
6The Walk

multrees walk christmas 2
Located at Multrees Walk in St Andrew square, this is the most prestige address for tourists in Edinburgh. The shops sale clothes, bags and office stationaries. The famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein Underwear (CKU), Emporio Armani, Mulberry, Links of London, Azendi, Oscar & Fitch, The Pen Shop, Emporio Armani are saled in the Walk too. The Walk attracts 85.000 tourists each week.

Price of some service and product in London:
– Internet 3-5 pounds / 1 hours
– Fast food 3-5 pounds / 1 meal
– theater ticket 5-13 pounds / 1 ticket
– Drama ticket 25 – 30 pounds / 1 ticket
– Hair cut 10 – 15 pounds / 1 time
– Instant noodle 0.49 pounds / 1 packet
– Dinner for 2 people at restaurant (food, drink) 35 – 45 pounds
– Card 0.39 pounds / 1 card
– Newspaper 0.99 – 2 pounds / 1 item
– Souvenir item1 – 5 pounds / 1 items
– Sites visiting fee 11 – 25 pounds / 1 adult
– Football T – Shirt (unofficial) 6 – 10 pounds / 1 item
– Football T – Shirt (official) 30 – 43 pounds / 1 item
– CD 5 – 15 pounds / 1 item
– T – shirt – 20 pounds / 1 item
– Jeans trouser 20 – 60 pounds / 1 item
Ladurée chocolate is a meaningful present. This is the most excellent chocolate on over ther world. You can buy a box of chocolate with 16 pounds.
You can also by a favorite football club T – shirt if you are a fan of football. There are 2 options for you, unofficial and official kind, 10 pounds and 43 pounds for each item. You will be asle attracted by the interesting toys in Hamleys shop whichs is the biggest toy company in the world. Especially, tourists can walk in the park and pick up some hazelnut in October.

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