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The most attractive destinations in England

The United Kingdom – the land of friendliness has diversified culture and history. Each city in England has well – known museum, art gallery. Nowadays, England is also famous because of the football clubs. In this article, we will introduce you 1o destinations that you should not miss in England.

1Tower of London

Tower Bridge (Sony RX1)
From 1100 to the mid twentieth century, the tower served as a prison, but it also served as a royal residence. The tower was founded in 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest of England. It is also said that the tower was haunted, but there are still many tourists who are interesting about this place.
2Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle 040
The original castle was made from wood that built by William the Conqueror in 1068. In the 12th century, the castle was rebuilt in stone. Through the hundred years of wars, the facade of castle was refortified. This is the typical architecture of the 14th century. In 2001, Warwick Castle was named one of Britain’s top 10 historic houses and monuments in England.

3Lake District

Reflections in an unnamed tarn, overlooking Hard Knott and Crinkle Craggs, The Lake District, England. UK
The Lake District is located in Cumbria province, North West England. This is the largest National Park in England. The Lake District has picturesque and impressive view of lake and mountains. This is also the place to walk and go climbing of British’s Prime Minister. Every year, there are about 14 million domestic and international tourists come here.
4Hadrian’s Wall

Black Carts Turret, Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian’s Wall was a defensive fortification in Roman Britain. This wall was built in 122 A.D during the rule of Emperor Hadrian. Hadrian’s Wall is 117km long. However, the important portion of the wall still exists. This is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern England.
5The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a range of gentle hills in south central England. The main range reaches 330 meters. The region is known for the stone – built villages, historical towns and beautiful gardens. Many people say that the Cotswolds is the symbol of England’s landscape.
6Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral, county Durham
Durham Cathedral in the city of Durham in Northeast England is the greatest Norman building in England and perhaps even in Europe. It is famous not only for its architecture but also for its incomparable setting. The Cathedral was reconstructed, though, the greater part of the structure remains true to the Norman design.
7York Minster

Minster, York
York is one of the biggest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. York Minster incorporates all the major stages of Gothic architectural development in England. The York was built in 1230 and finished in 1472. This is one of the most attractive places in England.
8Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is the biggest and oldest castle all over the world. It is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth II who spends many weekends at the castle. Besides, she also uses it for both state and private purpose. The first Windsor was in the reign of Henry II (1154). Coming to this spot, you can visit magnificent State Apartments and St Georges Chapel.
9Big Ben

Big Ben Big Lights
Big Ben is officially known as the Elizabeth Tower. The tower holds the second largest four – faced chiming clock in the world. The tower was built in 1858 and became the symbol of the United Kingdom.

Stonehenge is among the most important prehistoric sites in the world. Stonehenge was produced by a culture that left no written records so many aspects of Stonehenge remain subject to debate. The standing stones were built in 2500 BC. The purpose of these big stones is still a mystery. However, many scholars believe that the monument was used as a ceremonial or religious center.

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