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The best time to visit London

Of course, it is always time to visit London, regardless of season and weather. The best time for going depends on what aspect of London interests you the most. If you want to experience mild temperatures and green parks of leaves as well as blooming flowers, spring will be the best choice. However, this season – along with summer – is also London’s tourist season. Therefore, you would face high prices of hotel and flight. On the other hand, travel to this city in the fall and winter would help you to save money but the weather certainly is not uncomfortable. No matter when you start your trip, you should take an umbrella with you because you are likely to deal with fog and heavy showers throughout the year.

1March to May: Spring

london spring

The capital of England attracts visitors all over the world all year round. Nevertheless, spring (and summer, too) is the bussiest season. While the fall witnesses rains almost everyday and summer is very hot, spring in London experiences a cool medium temperature from 10°C to 15°C. In this summer, walking around the city will give you the chance to enjoy the royal parks and gardens full of colorful flowers.

Remarkable events:

Regata Oxford - Cambridge 2

    • Oxford Cambridge Boat Race (March/April)

London Marathon 2012

    • Virgin London Marathon (April)

London Millenium Bridge Tate Modern Museum Saint Paul's Cathedral Tamise River Night Explore Image Picture Long pose

  • Museums at Night (May)
2September to November: Fall

Victoria Park London, tree's in the mist

Crowds of people still flock to this city into mid-September because of its motley beauty in the fall. Besides, temparature is quite cool, between 16°C and 21°C. However, you should be aware of the fact that October is time for students to take “half-term”. Therefore, interesting destinations could be over crowded.

Remarkable events:

I (Love heart) Fireworks.

    • Guy Fawkes’night (November)

Gloriana at the Lord Mayor's Show 2012

  • The Lord Mayor’s Show (November)
3December to February: Winter

Winter Pond

An ideal time for a budget trip! Don’t forget to pack warm clothes since the temparatures average of this season is just from -1°C to 5°C. Because of the hoiday season, London will be full of twinkling lights and festive events during this period. Visitors can be able to experience a more authentic London with the splendor of popular shopping hot spots.

Remarkable events:

2012 New Year's Day Parade - 10

    • London Parade (1st January)

Great Spitalfields Pancake Race (5)

    • Great Spitalfields Pancake Race (February)

London Fashion Week SS13

  • London Fashion Week (February)
4June to August: Summer

Lovers Chair

Fortunately, summertime in London is not too muggy. The temperature is quite cool and comfortable instead with the temperature at 21°C. Summer is the peak of tourist season but it would rain and be moist, too. Hence, remmerber to bring an umbrella each time you want to go out.

Remarkable events:


    • Wimbledon Championships (June, July)

Royal Festival Hall & Shell Centre in London

    • City of London Festival (June, July)

Notting Hill Carnival

  • Notting Hill Carnival (August)
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