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The Best Historic London Hotels

London – an antique city has many historic hotels that were built up to 100 years ago. Each hotel has their own interesting stories. Below are the most historic London hotels.
London is an ancient, mysterious and interesting city. Many tourists have come to London: writers, musicians, stars… Hotels witnessed many interesting stories. Although the hotels are always decorated with new skins, you will be surprised the people who lived in these hotels through historic stories.

1The Goring hotel

The Gore Hotel, Kensington

The Goring hotel has become famous in recent years. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton set off in this hotel in 2011

The Gore Hotel

Since it opened in 1910, the Goring was the Allied command center in the World War I. When the soldiers moved out this place in 1919, Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Sir Winston moved in.

2Rocco Forte Brown

Brown hotel had the honour of serving the great writers such as Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, Bram Stoker and Agatha Christie. Rudyard Kipling author even wrote “The jungle boy” here.

30001 Gambero Rosso Tasting, Browns Hotel 30 Mar 11

Alexander Graham Bell made first successful telephone call in this hotel in 1876.

3The Dorchester

The Dorchester Hotel Park Lane London Christmas 2014

Elizabeth Taylor who received her 1 million contract for “Cleopatra in a bath” sense that has been preserved posterity came to this hotel in 1931.

The Dorchester.

Peter Sellers – a famous English comedy actor suffered a fatal heart attack in this hotel in 1980. The Dorchester hotel has many rooms that named after their famous guests.

4Cannizaro House

Cannizaro House

In 18 century, Cannizaro used to be a political center. When Lord Melville, the Secretary of Sate of War lived here, kings and prime ministers often visited this place.


CNV00005- August 24, 2008

Later, Count St. Antonio took over this land with Duke of Wellington and Mrs Fitzherbert – mistress of King Georger IV. This place was converted into a hotel in 1980s.

5Hendon Hall Hotel


Hendon Hall

Had been built in 1756, Hendoll Hall was converted into a hotel in 1911. The salient point of hotel is the ceiling painting by Tiepolo (now in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Hendon Hall

In the garden of hotel, there is a Shakespeare’s monument by David Grarrick – a famous actor in 18 century. The hotel’s dining room is named afted him.

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