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Street food on London’s winter day

Have you ever wonder that what Londoners do in the cold days. Of course they will not stay at home eat hot soup and enjoy the warmth from heater. There are many fascinating on streets in London such as street food. And now, let’s discover the London street cuisine.

1Roasted chestnuts

Grilled corns and chestnuts
Roasted chestnuts is one of the most expensive street foods in London. It costs about 2 pounds for 1 bag of chestnuts.
Grilled chestnuts
However, it is worth spending money because you will enjoy the hot chestnuts in the cold weather. It is a fascinating experience.
2Crepe Cake

Crepe cake is round and thin, they are put together to make a thick cake. In Europe, there are 2 types of Crepe cake: sweet cake and salty cake. With sweet Crepe cake, you can add fruit, cream, syrup and chocolate…
The Real Crepe Cake (2)
Salty Crepe cake has cheese, bacon inside. We can eat with sauce if you want.

Italian mobile gelato ice cream cart for client: "La Fabbrica del Gelato" Como lake, Lenno
Gelato is ice cream in Italian. However, gelato is different from ice cream because it can be made from milk cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. It is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than ice cream.
You will find it weird to eat ice cream in the cold weather but it is an interesting experience that you should try at least one time.
La Gelatiera
Have you ever try this out?
Gelato at Leicester Square
4Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips
It is said that the thinnest cookery book in the world belongs to England because English cuisine is nothing except Fish and Chips
Fish & chips in London
Fish and Chips is really popular in London. You can find it every where in Lodon.
Fish and Chips at The Queen
Suitable price, every corner of streets, there is no reason to ignore Fish and Chips in a winter day.
Fish n' Chips (London)

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