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Seasons in England

London views

England is the largest country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It borders the country of Wales to the West and the country of Scotland to the North. England is also bordered by the Irish Sea, the Celtic Sea, the Atlantic and the Manche coast.
To have the best time in England, tourists should care about this country’s weather in all 4 seasons.


Summer in the Derbyshire Dales
It is usually hot and interminably rainy in England. There is just a few sunny days in England, which is depended on different times and places in this country. On those days, the temperature can be up to 30oC.
England - summer evening in Richmond Park
Though, England’s summer is often the most comfortable time as it’s not to hot but sunny along with breeze. Coming to England in summer, you can come across people strolling, going picnic or gathering in the public places.

The winter in England is usually windy and wet, which is different from the dry cold one in Vietnam. Temperature in the winter is even below zero degree. There is also ice in the winter morning causing slippery roads, sometimes snow falls.
London Fields
Therefore, you should wear thick and waterproof clothes to avoid getting cold. Winds bow strongly in the coastal areas.
Mehetabel Road
But you don’t need to worry about visitting England in the winter, because houses in England are usually insulated and heated. In addition, winter is the season for major holidays such as Easter and Christmas – the longest holiday. It can last up to a month so you can enjoy the holiday’s atmosphere, go skiing, clay snowmen and play throwing snowballs with friends.

Spring is the best time to travel in England. The weather becomes warm and the snow begins to melt. Trees starts to grow and animals are in breeding season.
Spring in Devon
Every body enjoys the sun shine on Brighton beach or walk in Museum Gardens. The sky is clear, however, it is still moist and windy, cold at night.
A London Spring
It is fascinating to ride a bicycle, climb the mountain to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Autumn Colours, Silpho near Scarborough - Explored 28/10/12
The weather is changeable in autumn. You will be impressed by the amazing view of leaves change color. It is quite cold in November, and sometimes snowy.
Autumn Colours
In general, Autumn in England is moist and windy. Therefore, you should prepare coats, scarves when you are going out in the morning or at night.

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