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London becomes the world capital of selfie .

14% of selfies are taken in London that helps London takes this title.
Selfie Time........

1 London (14,05%)

Selfie, Borough Market
London is proud that there are many famous visit sites such as London Eye, Elizabeth tower, House of parliament, Buckingham castle, Thames River. Therefore, it is not surprised that many tourists come to this city and take selfies.
London Eye Selfie
According to a survey of, 6,3 million pictures in facebook, Twitter, Instagram are analyzed to come up with this result.
2 New York (11,62%)

N.Y. Selfie
The second place belongs to New York. Time square and Liberty statue are popular places to selfie.
The 3rd to 10th places are almost European countries include Amsterdam (Holland), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Berlin (German), Rome (Italia), Istanbul (Turkey), Athens (Greek). Only Sydney (Australia) the 9th place is the south representative.
3 Amsterdam (9,82%)

27 januari 2015, Amsterdam
4 Barcelona (9,35%)

Plaça d'Espanya / Rob / Barcelona
5 Paris (9,82%)

Contre-Selfie, Paris, 2014.
6 Berlin (7,15%)

Jake taking a selfie. East Berlin Wall.
7Rome (6,60%)

8Istanbul (4,98%)

multi_selfie @istanbul
9 Sydney (4,26%)

Selfie at the Opera House
10Athens (4,25%)

Selfie in Acropolis

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