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Interesting activity: experience life of prisoners

Someday, when you feel tired of “freedom” life, do you want to spend a night in a prison cell without any previous conviction in your record? Then Clink78 Hostle in London will be your answer.


Located near Kings Cross train station, Clink78 is housed in the Clerkenwell Magistrates’ Court. It reproduces exactly Alcatraz rison on Alcatraz Island – one of the world’s most notorious prisons having closed since 1963.


Would-be inmates can choose from mixed dorms, private rooms and the courthouse’s original prison cells, which is only 1.5 meters wide and 2.75 meters long, having a cot, two shelves, a toilet along with a wash basin like in prison.


Tumblers and uniforms are taken directly from the Golden Gates National Park Conservacy in San Francisco (USA). Besides, food will be served in metal trays.


Here, visitors all have to wear prison clothes, being taken pictures and doing some jobs as prisoners such as sewing or manual labour.


About the fares, the cell rooms are quotes as from £50 per night whereas dorms are quoted as from £12 per night, which is a rare and excellent price for this location in London.


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