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Imitate local people when traveling to London

Most visitors have voted London as a very expensive city. There is a true story that a Jamaica person coming to London was extremely impressed because she had bought a water bottle at a tenfold price in comparison with her country. Actually, prices of London are not much different from Kingston – the capital of Jamaica. The problem is, if she had asked a Londoner, she would have known that souvenir stalls in Central London is never a good choice for shopping. Therefore, the first advice for travelers is trying to follow the locals.

Home from home...

In London, if you want to buy some things, remember to drop by fast food stores or big supermarkets throughout the city such as , Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Besides, you had better get a large bottle of water (about 1500 ml) rather than small ones (about 500 ml) because it is cheaper and enough for a long day exploring the city.


After check-in the hotel, you should ask the receptionist where nearest supermarket is and then make a short trip to get everything you need for days in London. Don’t forget to buy food in case that you can feel hungry at midnight. If you use hotel services, you may have to pay higher prices with plenty of addition fees and tax.

Fortunately, it is very convenient to travel in the capital of British. With large pavements, fresh air and clear maps, walking around the city is considered as paradise. Besides, policemen is almost everywhere. For long distances, you can register an Oyster Card through internet or any ticket counter in station and then can take bus or the underground at a lower price. Moreover, remember to find out the bus routes in order not to change many buses in your trip since in this city, your fare depends on how many times you go up and down the transport.

London Underground

Want to know details of route, time and number of London buses? Journey Planner is a good source for reference. When using Oyster Card, please note that you must touch in and out on the card readers at the start and end of your journey on Tube, DLR, London Overground and National Rail services but only need to touch in on bus and trams. If you forget to touch out at the underground, you have to pay double in the next time traveling by this transport. With bus, in case you forget, you will be charged a maximum fare and become a joke for people if an inspector appears suddenly.


Sometimes, a European breakfast or English breakfast can make you cry because of its expensiveness and inconsiderable amount. Therefore, you should buy some bottles of mineral water or fruit juice and try many kinds of cakes, bread and sandwiches in bakeries in the supermarkets. Another way to fill your empty stomach is getting noodles, ham and vegetable and using hot water in the room to cook your own dish.


Don’t be afraid to enter toilets on London streets. Some places may require you to pay coins. If having no coins, you can use any toilets in big shopping stores or tea shops of this city.

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