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Free London Walking Journeys

Big Ben London Sunset
According to many tourists, walking is the most interesting way to explore every nook and cranny of London. However, which is the best London walking journey for visitors from afar?

Free London Walking Tours – an organization providing walking journeys to explore London – have introduced 3 free journeys each day, whose average duration is 2 hours. Joining these tours, tourists can visit the most famous destination in London with only some tips for tour guides.

1Royal London Walk

According to Mr. Andrew Gray – Free London Walking Tours’ Director, taking Royal London Walk, visitors will walk for 2 hours from 10:30 a.m to visit 3 palaces and Westminster Abbey – one of the most famous religious buildings in the United Kingdom which was reconiged as the world hesitage site in 1987.

Royal Courts of Justice
Royal Courts of Justice
Houses of Parliament London
Westminster Abbey
Westminter Abbey

The tour’s last destination is Big Ben – the Great Bell of the clock of the Palace of Westminster in London and also one of London’s symbols.

Big Ben
Big Ben

2 Southbank”

Starting at 14:30 p.m, this tour helps tourists explore the left side of the Thames, following the great writer Shakespeare to the Globe Theater. You also have a chance to visit the giant skyscraper – The Shard, the St Paul’s Cathedral, and Southwark area.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Southbank, London, England
Shakespeare’s Globe Theater
Saint Paul Cathedral
Saint Paul Cathedral

It is said that all London’s history can be seen on streets at the Southbark area – the city’s center. Here, images of the past and the present are mixed and you can even predict London’s futures.

Amazing Clouds Around The Shard

The contrast between buildings surrounding wards, bridges appearing suddenly, downgraded warehouses and constructions renovated into modern ones along the river’s bank, etc. will bring about a new impression. The other well-known tourist attractions are also located in this area, such as London Tower, London Bridge, etc.

And the Tate Modern
Tate Modern

Southwark is also attractive with the Tate Modern, the most famous contemporary art museum in London.
Borough Market in London

Borough marke

Whereas, Borough market will slows down your steps by different cuisines’ smells flying pervasively in the air, which is enough to arouse walkers’ smell.

3London's Ghostly Haunts Walk

When the sun is setting, tourists can take the walking journey starting at 18:30 p.m. During 2 hours, you will discover less well-known places having a rich history that every tourist wants to approach.
Those are dark streets which were famous for mysterious murders of “Jack butcher”. That is also haunted buildings. Among them, London Dungeon is the creepiest place in London and the place holding Halloween programs each year.
Enter At Your Peril
This dungeon is the witness of countless terrible events in London’s history. You will feel creepy when come to visit cellars beneath London Bridge at night.

However, Mr. Andrew Gray also notices that tourists could be exhausted if taking part in all 3 journeys in one day. Therefore, Free London Walking Tours usually limits the visitors into small groups with fewer than 6 persons per a group.

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