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Experience the lifestyle and culture in East London at Qbic Hotel

Located in Brick Lane, Qbic has an impressive and eye-catching design created by Blacksheep. It is a sister hotel to Qbic Amsterdam but offer an affordable price to visitors.


Dining area, living room and library are applied a creative and innovative style which not only shows brand identity of the hotel bus also represents lifestyle and culture of east area in London.


The interior of Qbic hotel has diverse design with a variety of pictures, drawing inspiration for tourists. Blacksheep completes their mission of creating an outstanding and architecturally impressive space to attract visitors. With large kitchen area, the hotel can satify anyone’s desire. In addition, Brick Lane – famous local chef will be invited to cook curry dish every night, which is one of hotel’s activities to introduce local cuisine.


Hotel library is decorated with many beautiful signs and unique furniture, providing a space for guests to relax, read books, take photos and share pictures. Besides, the culture of East London is expressed by neon pink signage dotted throughout the living area and library space.

Qbic hotel

With ambitions for growth, Blacksheep designed the symbol of Qbic based on core values ​​that it offers to customers, ‘the cube’, which can be also emblem of future hotels. Furniture is equipped with integrated ipad, colorful metal cubic signage and striking pendant lights, making it an very interesting space.

Qbic Hotel

Mr. Paulk Rinkins – a representative of Qbic hotel claimed that Qbic’s strong development today is thanks to significant contribution of Blacksheep.

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