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Experience the feeling of snacking on… in truck in London

If the tea drinking culture contributed to the British cuisine’s sophistication, snacks also bring about some intereting experiences that should not be missed in this modern life.

London’s ancient and dignified world, but if you walk on every street here, we could experience the thrill of the food trucks which are very popular, simple but also extremely interesting and lovely.

1Unique impression of London street food

Jamie's Ice Cream Van

As other factors in food culture, street cuisine of any country contains unmistakable nuances. To London, this unique not only comes from delicious foods, but also from the way they are served: Food is sold on the lovely truck running over all London coners.
Almost all the snacks in “the city of fog” are sold on the pretty truck, maneuverable and versatile. Food Truck is the term used to call this type of service. Trucks are often in eye-catching color, decorated meticulously, not only take the aesthetic funtion but also play a role as an advertising panel with full information about the brand, food prices which are shown completely but still shortly. The truck – the kitchen and the sale spot concurrently – is one interesting feature that makes junk food in London always hot and hygienically processed. These trucks are usually “mark of sovereignty” according to an unwritten rule and in each corner, there’s always a specific Food Truck. Comparing in a humorous way, if Vietnam street cuisine silhouettes of a pole, then in London, it is the truck.
Walking down the London streets, acrossing a lovely Food Truck on a corner when feeling hungry, witnessing process of cooking with our own eyes and leisurely enjoying every tasty savour, all these have created a focus for an extremely interesting and unique cultural activity of this place.

2The food that can not be ignored

super soft ice

Ice cream

In foreign films, image of rectangular and roundish Ice cream truck with hilarious shrill bell attracts not only children character but also audiences sitting in front of the screen. Visit London, you can witness this amazing Ice cream truck on any street. Ice cream truck or Ice cream van is the hallmark of London street cuisine. To be suitable for this attractive dessert, Ice cream truck is usually in pretty small rounded shape, full milky white or yellow, pink, light blue cardboard candy painted body, along with bustling music which is emanating from the speakers or music player mounted on the car, no one can resist running to the truck’s door and waiting for a delicious ice cream

Ice cream Van sells many kinds of cream from industrial mass production lines to home-making ice cream. The term “hard van” indicates the huge truck with rugged design that sells industrial ice cream and “soft valve” for the cute little truck which serves fresh cream and famous freezed ice cream origined from the English countryside.

Fastfood indicates generally specific fast food of the West as sausages, chips, hamburgers, hotdogs, barbecue… and in London, this kind of food is not served at fast food stores in which people stand in long queues and anonymously kitchen odors, which are processed on the mobile kitchen in the truck, on-site serving with delicious hot sauce. Food Truck also has low wooden furniture putting next to the truck so that it will be more convenient for the customers to enjoy and talk with the companion or even the driver – and also the salesman.
Being proccess on the spot, fastfood in London is not only steaming hot but also very diverse with various types as well as variations. Nowhere that one can find a variety of beef, chicken, pork, lamb sausage which are grilled or stuffed fussier than in London, according to the alternative hamburger with Japanese teriyaki sauce or Asian style runny eggs.

The other international cuisine

Bustling, diverse, multi-faceted, those are the adjectives to mention Food Truck culture in London, not only by the various color design of the pretty small trucks, but also by their multinational menu. In addition to the typical dishes of England such as cream, sausage, bacon, assorted sandwiches … there are also Food Trucks specialized foreign cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Korea, India, Mexico food… The truck with “foreign” food always knows how to make itself stand out with unique decoration of the country in which the food belongs.

A food truck specializes in Chinese food

To discovery a cultural cuisine, it is better to find and try the street food of that cuisine. Through it, the simple and typical human’s lifes are reflected clearly. Thanks to funny Food truck crossing small streets, we can discover the friendly, cute and odd aspects of London – a foggy city that was thought to be gloomy and solemn.

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