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English traditional meal

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English traditional food ration has fish, meat, milk products, herb and vegetable. Spices and tea are typical in cultural cuisine of English. The traditional meals in England always have these food:

1Meat and fish

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Meat and fish take a large proportion in English cooking. In this country, fish are served as the main dish. Especially, the cold water fish and fish that has much oil are the bests choices for meal.
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Beside, roast pork, fried meat and sausage also appeare in every meal.
2Milk products

Milk is used as ingredient in many dishes. English people love cow milk, goat or even sheep milk. Sometimes, reindeer or buffalo milk is used for processing cheese and vinegar, lemon juice, rennet enzyme – this enzyme is taken from cow’s stomach which is used in the production of most cheeses.
3 Spice

Spice and herb appeared for the first time in medieval. Cuisine in Victoria period is the combination of many foreign spices, especially curry powder that is imported from India.

Vegetables and Fruits
English people use almost vegetable such as potato, onion, carrot an beet, turnip are the favorite plant of English farmers.
4Tea and drinking

The Willow Tree Cream tea!
In Victoria time, tea was imported from East Asia. Since that time, tea has become a traditional drink in England.
Afternoon tea is served with many kinds of cake such as sandwiched, baked cake or sweet cake. In many pub, English traditional beer is served because of strong taste, and the good food.

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