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Dreamy lavender fields in London’s suburbs

If you are a fan of romanticism, you will be certainly impressed by the dreamlike beauty of Mayfield in London.


Only less than 15 miles (about 30 km) from Central London, Mayfield – 25-acre lavender farm in Surrey is a poetic and sweet destination. Here, visitors can totally escape from noisiness and modernity of the UK capital.


Although Mayfield is not as big as other fields in France and it is not easy to come here, the lavender fields still make tourists feel interesting and satisfied.


In Mayfield, lavenders start to bloom from July and then thousands of stems of powdery lavender, dancing in the sunshine, will make for a perfect dreamy getaway. Especially, this farm would be fulled of a sweet fragrance which everyone comes here can not forget.


Tourists could spend hours walking in the fields and picnicking under the fall trees. Besides, Mayfield is romantic destination for couples who are looking for honeyed moments.

Grey day at Mayfield Cafe

In addition, the farm also has shop and café selling products made from the organic lavender grown on the farm as well as lavender oils and lavender plants.

Mayfield Lavender Farm SurreyAt the start of the day.

The lavender fields have blossomed in Surrey since Victoria era and been restored to welcome visitors recently. If you want to enjoy peaceful atmosphere here, the best season to visit is between June and September when the lavender is in full bloom.

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