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Discover the Harry Potter World

London – the capital of fog’s country – is one of Europe’s most famous cities of magnificent palaces and ancient castles.

Coming to London, visitors cannot ignore the popular sites like Buckingham Palace in London’s center, Windor castle, Big Ben, Sherlock Holmes’s house, River Thames, London Eye,  Victoria and Albert museums, Oxford University’s and Cambridge’s museums,  Royal Albert Hall, and the Old Trafford Stadium, etc.

The Making of Harry Potter. Warner Bros Studio Tour. London.

However, since the end of March, 2012, visitors can also come to visit Leavesder Film Studio where the Harry Potter was made. Warner Bros Studios expected to attract about 5,000 visitors a day. The ticket’s price is 83 pound (131.99 Euro) for a four-members-family.

Entrance to Great Hall

Leavesden studio is 40 miles away from the North of London. It is located in a 14,000 quare meter area, which has been opened for visitors to contemplate and explore the making film’s secrets.

Harry Potter Tour Warner Bros Studios Leavesden London

Visitors will have a chance to visit the backstage of most famous fiction film, and the places that are in imagination such as Hogwarts School.

Model of 'Hogwarts Castle' at Leavesden Studios. Watford.

This will be the first time that Muggles (who do not have the marvellous power in Harry Potter) can walk in the Diagon Alley.- the street that Harry and his fellows come to buy their wands, their owls and other magical instruments.

Not very convincing Knight Bus remake...

There are about 3 000 wands that was made to serve in eight episodes. Many of them were broken when Daniel Radciffe used them as drumsticks in break time.

Ollivander's Wands

In a short time, going through the big store’s doors is a big frater which is like center space of a church in Poudlard.

Table set for Dinner

You can see immediately two big oak wood tables which hundreds of students have mea, stone gutters, the winged animals keeping torch in their mouths, a lecture hall dais for Dumbledore professor

The Making of Harry Potter

Observing carefully, tourists even can see the graffiti drawn by little actors in filming time. The only missing thing is the flying candles, which are replaced by movie magic.

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