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8 extreme romantic places in Lodon

London is the biggest city in England. This city is crowed and bustling wit many high modern and tall building. However, it is also a romantics city that has many visit sites and fascinating place, as well as romantic places. Therefore, if you are romantic person, let’s try out these places

1Enjoying flowers and shopping on Columbia street

Columbia Street Flower Market
Flowers market on Columbia street in west London just opens on Sunday. This is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful flowers. You can also visit the shops and buy some pictures or antique in many shops in this market. Finally, let try some cakes at Lily Vanilli shops on Ezra street.

2Ice skating in Somerset House

Somerset House Ice Rink [Explored, 5th November 2014]
You can also spend a night ice skating with your half in front of Somerest House which was built in 18th century. After that, hot wine or chocolate will warm you up. You can buy it at Tom’s Skate shops. Inaddition, you should come here from November to January every year.
3Picnic at Hampstead Heath

This is the most beautiful place in the city. Hampstead Heath is an 800 arce field. This is a wonderful place for picnic. If you want champagne, bread and cheese, you can buy everything you want for your picnic at Hampstead Butcher shop.
Hampstead Heath Trees at sunrise

4Rowing a boat on Serpentine lake in Hyde Park

dos caras de la misma moneda EXPLORE
In the warm days, you can hire water bicycle or a small boat and row on Serpentine with swans nearby. You should not miss 150 years old Italia garden in the North of lake.
5Drinking champagne at Champage bar

Searcy's Champagne Bar St Pancras
Talking about Champagne is talking about romantic, so one of the most romantic places to date is Searcys St.Pancras Champagne near St.Pancras station. This bar has impressive long (98m) and serve 17 different champagne. You can also discovery St. Pancras, Renaissance London which is the most romantic building in the world.

6Riding horse in Hyde Park

Horse Riding in Hyde Park, Christmas 2009
You can hire a house and ride through Hyde park. Going through fanous Rotten Row. Hyde Park Stable support horses riding during the year. If you skip Serpentine lake, let wave your hand with people rowing on the lake.
7Chocolate for two people

William Curley's Chocolate Emporium
You can also stop to try some free chocolate at William Curley in Belgravia. From this place, you can also visit Victorria & Albert on Cromwell street.

8waking around “Littlle Venice”

Grand Union Canal, Harefield - 8

This is a part of Grand Union canal in North West London. This is an amazing place to visit. Many boats that anchor is very comfortable. On this canal, Blomfield and Browing Pool treet is this most ideal visit site.

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