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21 most charming markets in London

Abundant in cuisine, diverse in culture and charming markets are the reasons that make this city become the tourist attraction in the world.
– The Southern of the City

1 Southbank Book Market

Southbank Book Market
This unique market is located under Waterloo Bridge and the greatest place to sell and buy books in the world. Having chosen a satisfiable book, you can lie on a bench, look out over the river and spend all day long to enjoy it.
2Borough Market

Goumets are fastidious to satisfy their indulgence in cuisines, but that is meaningless at Borough Market. With the best traditional foods of every corner in the world, all you need to do is just getting ready to taste all the foods here.
3 Bermondsey Market

Bermondsey Market
This market is opened up weekly to sell antiques, in where you can buy a beautiful ancient gem. However, in the days that this market is not opened up, there are still many shops and inns selling food for tourists.
4Brixton Market

Brixton Market Stall
This lively and diverse market sells kinds of souvenirs, vintage clothes, antiques and handicrafts. Each year, there is an occasion in which foods are sold according to subject.
5Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market
This is the place where you can mix yourselves with fashion shops, high-ranked products or wander the wide hall to find from handicrafts, handmade cosmetics or the junk food.
6Hay’s Galleria

Hay's Galleria
This interesting destination is the best place for visitors to stop for a cup of coffee and contemplate eye-catching jewelries sold in the market. Wandering to the end of the market, you will meet the peaceful Thames.
II. The North of London
7Camden Market

camden markets
Camden can be seen as the best market, where every kind of products is sold, from piping hot food to handmade jewelries. This is the reason why many tourists spend their half a day to explore the market.
8Chapel Market

Chapel Market (1)
This market sells cheap household goods and technical devices. Besides, there are also independent stall selling street foods and attractive cakes.
9Nag’s Head

London Market Stall
There are many kinds of product sold in this indoor market, from fresh sea food to second-hand goods. There are also gemstones sold in the market.
III. The East of London
10The old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market
This market is the heaven of handmade pictures with vintage style. Moreover, there are also unique fashion products, lovely restaurants with this indoor market’s view.
11Broadway Market

Broadway Market
On every Saturday, Broadway Street will become an eventful market with food stalls, clothes stalls, classical jewelries stalls and local traditional restaurant.
12Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market
With famous brands like Barbour and Waterstones, Leadenhall is the great market, not only for visitors but also for movie markers. This market was the background in classical works, such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
13 Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market
Brick Lane in Shoreditch is famous for its stall line. Coming to this market, you can find many things from fashion items to delicious street foods.
14Petticoat Lane

DSC_2722 Petticoat Lane Market London
This gaudy market is located in the East of London and a place where fabric, leather and clothes are sold at reasonable price. Besides, there are also many restaurants serving visitors with delicious meals.
IV. The West of London
15Portobello Street

Sweets in Portobello Market
Without unique products as other market, Portobello is a busy place in the weekend. Aside from a shopping place, you can consider it as a tourist attraction.
16Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd's Bush Market
This market is full of colorful flower stalls. In addition, household goods and clothes here are sold with good price.

Acton Market
Acton market is located at the center of Acton town. With creative stalls and fresh stall sold at good price, this market is a great destination for tourists.
V. London’s Center
18 London Silver Vaults

Antique Silver
Silver Vaults is the biggest retail area in the world. Therefore, even when you have much money or not, let come to visit this market. It will be a wonderful trip for you.
19Leather Lane Market

Leather Lane, Hatton Garden, London EC1
Different kinds of delicious and attractive junk food are sold here. Visitors can not resist street food there.
20 Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden
Services are diverse here, from up-to-date fast food to coffee shops, flower shops to jewelries and other items.
21 Market on White Cross Street

London 2010 037
Being one of the oldest markets that still exist in London, this market gathers colorful stalls, which sold from delicious lunch to cheap ancient jewelries.

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