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10 street foods you must try in London

Food lovers in general and the street food lovers in particular may not pass Club Mexicana, Bao, Rola Wala…when coming to London.

1Club Mexicana

 Vegetarian Tacos even meat-eaters will love!

Vegetarian Tacos

Come to Club Mexicana, diners will be served Mexican avocado salad for free. This place is favorite eating rendezvous for vegetarians and vegetarian Mexican food lovers.

2Grill My Cheese

Old Amsterdam cheese, cherry tomatoes, thym baked sandwicht


This restaurant serves the excellent Grilled cheese sandwiches in London. Diner will definitely try a sandwich because of its attraction.

3Mother Clucker

The Mother Clucker

Fried chicken is perfect for fried-food lovers. Also, their mac n’ cheese is exquisite for veggies.



Taiwan food lovers can not leave Bao without buying some steamed buns with fried chicken and bright salads inside.

5Pizza Pilgrims


Pizza here is baked with Neapolitan-style. Especially, pizza with Nduja (spicy Italian sausage) topping makes it special.

6Crosstown Doughnuts

Crosstown Doughnut

Many kinds of junk food are served here, from caramel to banana chocolate cream, but surely doughnut is the most luscious.

7Rola Wala

Here comes the cavalry - Rola Wala's Rola Sliders
Rola Wala is serving Indian street food. They have just opened up an actual restaurant in Leeds.

8Anna Mae's

Anna Mae's

This Anna Mae’s junk food truck is always the favourite address of the person who are addicted to Mac’n’cheese.

9Mama Wang's kitchen

NYC - Queens - Flushing: Flushing Mall Food Court - Xi'an Famous Foods - Savory Cumin Lamb Hand-Pulled Noodles
People come here to enjoy Chinese cuisines which are cooked using traditional recipes and local materials. Interestingly, customers can watch chefs make hand pulled noodles skilfully.

10Churros Garcia

Fresh Churros
This is the Garcia’s family junk food brand which has been built for 40 years in London. Churro is the best choice for any customer coming to Churros Garcia.

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