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10 popular trends of street style in London

The items of 1950s, 1970s and 1980s respectively are coordinated perfectly with modern style by the British fashionistas.

1The Eighties mini skirt - Women's Street Style

The Eighties mini skirt  has been one of the dominant trends on London streets since last month. With youthful style and be easy to wear, women can dress them flexibility from back-to-school to elegant styles.

2The fifties dress

1950s Adelyn spring floral dresses
The fifties dress is the second choice of fashionistas. The combination of old dress and a pair of modern silver shoes is more appreciated than a set which is just inclined to some period.

3Dressed-up fringing

London Fashion Week

Dressed-up fringing – the symbol of hippie trend – still has a firm positon in the heart of London people. While New York women love an active style with leather jackets, pant skirts and sneakers, London fashionistas prefer an elegant appearance. The wildness of fringing will be abated with a classic shirt and a model blazer coat.



The grey sweater is not only popular in London but also all over the world. According to Vogue, there were as many as “50 shades of grey” performed in the New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015. Therefore, grey is expected to be popular until the end of the year.

5The split skirt


The split skirt helps women to show off their sexy legs. You can wear it along with sweater vest, ankle boots – simple but still elegant and suitable to a variety of situations such as working, walking or attending small events.

6The look-at-me trouser of 1970s

Bette Davis, 1940s

The of 1970s becomes very hot again. Not to get lost among modern clothes on the street, you can combine it with a classic white shirt, bread-sole sandals and a fashionable eyewear.

7The power suit

The power suit is always hot topic of fashion magazines. The British appreciate elegance and luxury, hence, a gentle suit with simple accessories will be a perfect choice.

8The military uniform

The military uniform is giving a strong impression to New York and London residents. You will look very great in a military jacket and a tomboy pant.

9Tailored denim

London fashion weekend
Tailored denim is also one of the styles attracting the British. Instead of choosing dusty and strong denim, women here tend to wear feminine design with smoothly-processed denim.

10The white coat

2015_02_24 LFW 267 WM

The white coat is final impressive street style of London, simply but make people have to look back. To be outstanding with this item, follow monochrome style will be smart choice.

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