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10 impressed Britain Halloween tour


Hospital Ghost Hunting, haunted lanes walking or staying overnight in a Castle Ghost definitely make tourists be curious and want to experience, especially on the Halloween.

Trick or Treat...

1The Murder History Tour, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Murder History Tour, Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s “The Murder History Tour “ tour guides you through the city’s ominous past which related to poisoners, hangmen, and butchers who turned their knives on their own kind.

2Highgate Vampire Walk

Coming to Highgate, one of the most expensive suburds of London, visitors should take the “Highgate Vampire Walk” tour.
During this tour, visitors can track the truth about the 1970 vampire sightings here.

3Grim Reapers of London

Grim Reaper..

This “Grim Reapers of London” day tour leads visitors to some places that have horror history, such as the most haunted building, Tower Bridge, and Traitors’ Gate where many Tudor period (1485-1603) prisoners broke out.
Grim Reapers of London

4Ghost Walk of the Lanes, Brighton

Ghost Walk of the Lanes

The trip through the back lanes of Southeast Britain’s town, Brighton, brings tourists an opportunity to explore the haunted and paranormal lanes. The tour ends at the Druid’s Head, Brighton’s oldest pub and the site of over a hundred mysterious occurrences.

5Death and Debauchery Tour, London

Death and Debauchery Tour
This tour is made for travellers, who want to explore the city’s dark underbelly, from haunted theatres to Fleet Street, where was well-known as the home of infamous demon barber Sweeney Todd.

6Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour

Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour

This haunted tour od Cardiff Castle relies on the secluded and ghastly atmosphere and authoritative paranormal stories which will horripilate you.

7Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt, West Midlands

Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

Visitting West Midlands County, Britain, tourists can take Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt tour.

Dudley castle ghost hunt 2007

This ancient site has plenty of looming ghosts, for example, Grey Lady, who was condemned to haunt the premises when her last wish to be buried with her family was denied.

8The Double Dead Walking Tour, Edinburgh

double death walking

The Double Dead Walking Tour in Edinburgh guides tourists to the city’s hauntingly beautiful cemeteries and plunges you into the dark in the underground vaults existing over the centuries.

9Clink Prison Ghost Hunt, London

Clink Prison Museum - London

Don’t miss the Clink Prison Ghost Hunt when visit London. During day visiting hours, the lights are off and you can also stay overnight with the ghost of prisoners, dating back to 1142.

10Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunt, Liverpool

Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunt

Newsham Park is one of the creepiest places in UK, which had functioned as an orphanage, hospital, and nursing home for years.


Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunt tour will lead visitors to unnamed graves and discover its secret history on the overnight hunts.

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