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10 Britain’s charming Beaches

Leaving bustling and ancient cities, you will be still impressed by magical views of stretching and quiet beaches with golden sand and small huts of Britain.

1South Bay, Scarborough
South Bay

The busiest of Scarborough’s beaches offers fine, soft sand and calm water sheltered from the north by the castle headland. When the tide is down, it giving you true soft sand – which is perfect for sunbathing.

2Holkham, Norfolk
Wells Next to Sea 3

Sitting on the veranda of unique shady pine-wooden-houses, visitors can relax while looking into the yellow sands. This beach has been described as ‘mesmerically vast’ to that visitors could not say no.


Colours, that you can't resist :)

Bournemouth is one of the most beautiful city’s beaches in UK. It’s always considered as the leading destination for families. Especially, Needles here will make you become absorbed in seeing them.

4Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

High tide


If you want to go surfing, the Croyde Bay is the best choice for the huge waves and alluring beauty. Visitors can also experience numerous other activities such as sunbathing, swimming and playing cricket. Croyde is also known as the best beach in North Devon.

5Saunton Sands, North Devon

Saunton Rocks

This three-and-a-half-mile stretch of golden sand is a great spot for those who want to experience surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Brauton is also famous for being one of the most impressive dune systems in the country.

6Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall

Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives

Portmeor is one of Cornwall’s prettiest beaches. Here, there are long white sands, the Beach Cafe which serves Spanish dishes, tea houses and the Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden.

7Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

barafundle bay


Located between the giant limestone cliffs, Barafundle beach is quite secluded with beautiful blue water, which is suitable for swimming and boating to explore small gulfs.

8Littlehampton, West Sussex

Littlehampton Beach

The beach’s rebirth was marked by the Beach Café designed by leading British architects. Married couples can go surfing or take a stroll on Camber Sands.

9West Cliff Beach, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby (84)

West Cliff is a charming beach with long sandy and motley bebby bank, backed by cliffs.There are many traditional amusements here, including theater, museum and majestic ruins of Whitby Abbey on the cliff top.

10Whiterocks, Portrush, Co Antrim

White Rocks, Portrush, Co. Antrim

Not just a great beach – coming here, you will also enjoy the spectacular limestone cliffs stretching from Curran Strand to Dunluce Castle. These are soft rocks, which have been carved through centuries, into a maze of mysterious caves.

Portrush/Whiterocks - MJD Allen Photos

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